Espresso Capuccino Coffe Maker REDMOND RCM-1503, 15 bar


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Do you want to feel the taste of coffee professional technology, without leaving the house?

With a coffee maker REDMOND RCM-1503 it is possible!

The special design of the coffee maker in the device to maintain working pressure of 15 bar at all times during the coffee brewing that possible approaches his quality for refreshing drinks obtained from a professional coffee machine.

Electronic control of the coffee machine allows to set the amount of water and selected from the two temperature regimes beverage.

If you are preparing a cappuccino, then you also have the ability to adjust the intensity of the steam for frothing milk froth.

<td “=”” rowspan=”4″>Equipment:

Power 1150 W
Voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Type of coffee maker espresso
Water tank volume 1 liter
Temperature settings 75 °, 85 ° C
Number of prepared cups simultaneously 2
Spill coffee to cups
Max modes 4
Operating pressure 15 bar
Heated table cup
Type of control electronic
Indication of operation LED + Sound
Programming water for coffee there is
The steam nozzle there is
Auto Off function there is
The system protection against overheating there is
Indicator filling tray there is
Packing size 270x280x340 mm
Weight (on the package) 4.6 kg
– coffee maker
– Spoon-pestle
– user’s manual
– service book
Additional features: – Detachable stand for easy cleaning
– Removable filter holder
– Illuminated buttons
– The possibility of making tea, broth
Guarantee 2 years
* The manufacturer has the right to modify the design, packaging, as well as product specifications in the improvement of its products without notice of these changes.
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